Traditional power systems

Cogeneration and trigeneration

Product description

Cogeneration and trigeneration power plants with 0.4 MW to 1 MW of power.

Cogeneration is the technological process of producing electrical energy and  heat energy at the same time.

Trigeneration is the technological process of simultaneously producing electrical energy, heat energy, and coldness, in the form of so-called ”chilled water”.


The advantages of the solutions proposed by HCP S A:

  • The variety of fuel types used,

-        Marine Diesel Oil (MDO),

-        Heavy Fuels Oils (HFO),

-        Natural gas,

-        Biogas from landfills, 

-        Biogas from wastewater-treatment plants.

  • The option to deliver power plants in container building,
  • A modular product structure, increasing installation power,
  • Lower fuel consumption compared to the separate production of electrical energy, heat energy and coldness,
  • Relatively low investment outlays,
  • Engine work flexibility.

We adapt the proposed solutions to the needs of the individual Customer.

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