Traditional power systems

Container cogeneration plants

Product description

The container-type, co-generation plant, that is, the combined heat and power plant, fired with biogas or natural gas, is a pre-built solution for those looking for efficient energy sources and for facilities which require the simultaneous production of electricity and heat. The co-generator set, fired with biogas, is the best way to ecologically exploit natural fuel. 

Advantages of the solution offered by HCP SA:

  • The energy generated features high efficiency and low pollution levels,
  • The generator set is installed in the container housing (maximum power 2MW), which allows operation without the need for additional installation,
  • The container’s structure allows the user to change the location, depending on current needs.
The co-generator sets mentioned can be equipped, additionally, with absorbers for the production of “chilled water" that is, trigeneration.

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