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Low-speed Diesel Engine Power Plants

Since the 1950’s, H.CEGIELSKI-POZNAŃ S.A. has been the largest European producer of low-speed, 2-stroke, high-power, Diesel engines which are the base for building stationary power plants and combined heat and power plants with power ranges from 4 MWe to 200 MWe. 

HCP power plants can be fired with non-standard fuels, from crude oil, or its variants, to vegetable oils and animal fats that are difficult to utilise in engine technology.
Advantages of the solution offered by HCP SA:

  • Long service-life; it is worth noting that some installations have been in operation for over 30 years,
  • Low sensitivity to the parameters and the quality of fuels,
  • Variety of the fuels used such as HFO, MDO, biofuels and crude oil, 
  • High electrical efficiency, up to 50%,
  • Capability to temporarily overload by 10%, in order to achieve 110% of power, to increase energy production during, so-called, daytime peaks,
  • Very high annual availability, that is, a minimum of 95%,
  • Very high mechanical efficiency, up to 50%, with the use of TCS: over 50% (additional gas turbine using the energy of flue gases),
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Savings in fuel costs for a 50-MWe, two-stroke engine power plant, compared to a four-stroke engine power plant with the same power, exceed $2.5 million a year, which significantly reduces investment return time for the two-stroke system.

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